HYPEPEACE is a London based clothing brand, established late 2016, whose designs are inspired by modern culture and translated into political statements.

Program 404 FreedomNotFound.exe // unable to connect: Palestine, in collaboration with @lacomedi.

Artwork designed by Palestinian Feras Sobh (Lacomedi co-founder), 404 FreedomNotFound is Sobh’s personal creative expression of his country’s struggle. Sobh explains the difficulties in being issued only a Palestinian refugee travel document “I always lived without an identity. Everyday life becomes harder as my life decisions are now based on if a country would let me in or not. It feels like the world has abandoned us and for the past 70 years has been trying to erase us. It’s just not fair for anyone to have their freedom stripped from then at birth.”

This garment release came with an Augmented Reality app feature making the graphics come to life.


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