tRASHY CLOTHING is a satirical, campy, political, and queer RTW Palestinian fashion brand that breaks stereotypes put upon the Middle East and provokes bigotry through fashion. Founded by Shukri Lawrence in 2017, the tRASHY goal is to reclaim the Arab and Palestinian Identity and reclaim what is considered different, cheap, and trashy in modern culture. The name tRASHY is inspired by kitschy store names like ‘Glam Lady’ or ‘Elegant Fashion’ that are spread around different cities in the Arab region.

The brand questions the fantasized beauty & luxury ideals in mainstream fashion and presents each collection with the spirit of anti-fashion. tRASHY is run by the co-creative direction of Shukri Lawrence, and Omar Braika.

For Cyber Fashion Week, tRASHY presented two 3D runway shows; A showcase of past, present, and future collection animated onto 3D models + a virtual runway show with 3d scans of tRASHY’s customers wearing their purchases animated into the show.

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